All Features ‘If I had been driving a Toyota or Nissan in France, I would have been alone!’ observes Patrice, as I enjoy the camaraderie and hospitality of fellow Land Rover owners whilst sipping Pastis under the stars in a foreign land. We’ve had 36 hours of solid rain, floods in Le Gers valleys, it …

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Breaking Point

All Features Warmth and sunshine – bliss. Out everything came, we had to loose half of it if we were to be able to move inside. Bumble performed admirably on the way down France, only one minor starting problem that appears to be a sticking solenoid or something associated with energising it. I had purchased …

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They’re Off

All Features After sorting out the many last minute details Neil, Sue and Bumble made their final departure from London in the dead of Wednesday night, 10/11 May, bound for Morocco and their first rendez-vous there on Tuesday 16 May. They made a stop over in the Gascony region of France to re pack the …

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